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At Dog Behavior Solutions, we use dog and human-friendly approaches when solving behavior and training challenges. DBS

Janice Triptow


Janice Triptow, JD, CDBC, CPDT-KA

While practicing law, Janice Triptow began training her own dogs in 1992. She started instructing dog training classes in 1997 and has been offering a broad spectrum of dog behavior and training services since 1999. Janice is a certified professional dog behavior consultant (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) and a professional dog trainer (Council of Certified Professional Dog Trainers).

She received the 2012 Association of Professional Dog Trainers (National Community Educator of the year award for helping to ensure that responsible dog training is available to all reaches of her community. She specializes in behavior assessments and modification teaches specialty and mainstream classes and workshops and consults on a variety of dog behavior, training, and programming topics.

Janice’s knowledge of and passion about dog behavior fuels her need to remain current on issues that impact behavior, training, and animal welfare. Her broad-based experience was acquired through her positions as President of Dog Behavior Solutions, Manager of Behavior and Training for Safe Humane Chicago, officer and board member of a local rescue, expert witness on dog behavior, service dog trainer, dog owner, and dog sport competitor.

These experiences uniquely qualify her to work and train with dogs as well as work and train with the many different populations of people who care for and live with those dogs - whether in homes or in shelters. Janice works with full and mixed breeds, rehomed and breeder-acquired dogs, adopted, fostered, and transferred dogs. She performs assessments and modification protocols for individuals as well as government and private entities and consults on a variety of related topics including programming, best housing, behavior and training, adoption, foster, and volunteer management practices.

Rachel Findley


Rachel is a certified professional dog trainer (CPDT-KA). Since 2013, she has been an enthusiastic part of the Dog Behavior Solutions team for whom she teaches classes and conducts private sessions. She is a skillful and accomplished problem solver and has experience working with all ages and breeds of dog who demonstrate a variety of behavioral issues. She provides assessments, training, and behavior services to many different local rescues as well as to fosters and adopters who have acquired their dogs from all different circumstances.

Rachel's dedication to rescue and experience led to her position as a staff trainer at Chicago Canine Rescue where she works with 60+ dogs in Chicago Canine Rescue’s care – addressing their needs and assisting other staff and volunteers, who care for the dogs. After formal training in New York, she has coordinated playgroups with Chicago Canine Rescue and Chicago Animal Care and Control – deepening her understanding of intra-specific relations.

Rachel is a mom of two delightful young girls. She adopted her 30th foster dog, has a second adopted dog, and continues to foster others. Rachel is the ultimate dog lover and hopes to continue helping families and their dogs for years to come.